For those who like my work and have visited my site over the last four years thank you for visiting. Either in June or July of this year, 2016, I will be taking it down as I can no longer afford to keep it because of medical bills that Medicare does not cover. Since in four years I have only had two people order any of my prints I have come to the conclusion that no one feels they are worth buying so why should I keep them online any longer.

If you would like to contact me use www.PhotographyByJRT(at), of course replace the at with the "@".

I have been doing photography for 50 years now. The reason I know as I started when my oldest son was born and that was June of 1966.

During those years I worked at a few jobs: draftsman, police officer, quality control technician, bus driver, teacher and EMT. My true love has always been art and photography but until the last decade those areas had to wait until I had the time to do them full time.

Now I live in Arizona in a valley, funny saying valley when it is 7,000' above sea level, next to the White Mountains. As you can see from my various galleries there are some very beautiful scenery and wildlife here. In minutes I can be on top of the White Mountains from my front door or in grass lands that contain hundreds of dormant volcanoes, or in the desert of New Mexico or here in Arizona.

I fell in love with this area when I came out to visit friends who live here. I grew up and lived most of my life in Georgia. I moved here in May of 2010 and since that time have found time to take over 260,000 photos of the wildlife and scenery.

I hope you will enjoy and maybe even purchase some of my work. Even if you don't purchase enjoy and come back often as I am adding to my galleries constantly.

J.R. Terrell